An all-in-one, innovative platform for next-level
property intelligence management.
The new era of property management requires a new and original approach. Cutting-edge service management solutions that take into account the current needs of owners, residents, managers, and vendors.
MyTower’s property intelligence management platform connects and enhances property and service management, bringing the entire ecosystem under one virtual roof.
Create seamless synergy between
Any property you can think of
Property management at scale. Manage multiple assets of all types: residential, business, hospitality, and more, and find the perfect solutions to match the needs of each property.
Workflow segments
MyTower’s platform offers frictionless, automated innovations that connect different steps of the process without any need for human intervention. Everything just works smoothly, while lowering costs significantly and increasing efficiency.
The online and offline worlds
Break down the walls and form the perfect flow between online innovations and real-world elements. Integrate advanced software and hardware tailored for each segment. Our solutions are all user-friendly and user-focused.
Supply and demand
Gone are the days of wasted resources and inactive personnel. Embrace the cost-efficient on-demand culture and only provide what is really needed, when it’s really needed.
Residents and communities
Form a real connection with people. Enjoy clear and easy communication that is instantly translated into action. Share spaces, facilities, tasks and ideas.
Other leading platforms
Easily connect MyTower to your favorite management platforms and multiply the impact of each one.
Over 20K residential units worldwide
are managed in a smart, cost-efficient way, resulting in
better service management, higher engagement, and most importantly - happier people.
Enjoy the countless possibilities
our innovative platform offers:
The power of community:
Residents app
At your service:
concierge services
Home smart home:
oB* solutions to all
property needs
* Internet of Buildings
People and places:
Facilities & personnel
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MyTower’s platform keeps evolving, adding more and more
integrations to solve every need.
The next generation of property and service management is knocking at your door.
Contact us today to start building your property’s smart future.