IoB, facility and personnel management
MyTower offers countless solutions that are easily tailored and integrated to fit your existing workflow and needs:
People and places - Facility and personnel
  • + BI platform to anticipate needs
  • + Proactive and preventive maintenance
  • + Unified property dashboard
  • + Finance and lease management
  • + Employee and attendance supervision
  • + Suppliers and contractors management
  • + Platforms synergy
IoB (Internet of Buildings) - Technology Meets Real Estate
The internet of buildings is more than a list of tools and technologies - it’s an entirely new state of mind.
By connecting buildings through automation and AI algorithms and turning them from passive objects into
engaged contributors, we can improve countless aspects of our daily life and workflow.
Advance to the IoB era and enjoy property that is:
Smart property is engaged and self-aware. It connects with utilities (water, gas, electricity, etc.), tenants, suppliers, and other buildings. Connected property allows synergy between online and offline solutions, and integrates centralized and decentralized networks.
Connected property can anticipate and adjust to changing circumstances such as climate, time, occupants, and more. Smart buildings become multifunctional and have modular systems that can be personalized based on user behavior and predefined needs, improving the wellbeing of people and communities.
The IoB revolution reduces cost while boosting functionality. Optimized resource utilization helps tenants and protects the environment we all share. Smart buildings are better prepared for emergencies and non-resource situations, and can trade and share resources with other property. Their performance is easily measured and tracked.
The above benefits take place smoothly and automatically. Specific needs, preferences and behaviors are all taken into account. Advanced machine learning algorithms study the property and its residents, getting better and more sophisticated at predicting needs based on user feedback and aggregated data.